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Energy Clearing & Healing Products
~ Products may be purchased at In Person Appointments~

Hem Amber Incense                  $5.00

Hem Amber Incense                  $5.00

Hem Rose Incense                     $5.00

Hem Cedar Incense                   $5.00

Hem Cedar Incense                   $5.00

Hem Moon Incense                   $5.00

Hem White Sage Incense          $5.00

Hem Dragon's Blood Incense   $5.00

Hem Copal Incense                    $5.00

Copper Sacred
Geometry Pendulum                                               $14.99

         Other Products Available for purchase...

Florida Water
Agua Ruda Water
Chime & Other Candles
Burning Censors & Charcoal
Wide Variety of Incense
Incense Resins
Incense Burners
Flower Essences

         And more. Product Inventory may vary...

Large Hag Stones
Sage & Palo Santo Wood

Shamanic Jewelry, Totems
Shamanic Bags & Charms

Feng Shui Crystals

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