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New Orlean's Swami

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Spiritual Paths

Meditation Training & Coaching

Shaktipat Initiation Therapy

Accelerate your Spiritual Progress * Psychic Development Training

Receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Initiation

Celtic * Magick * Pagan * Druidry * Magickal Paths

"Receive Shaktipat Initiation to prepare the body and Spirit for Enlightenment & Mastery"

Psychic Readings Using...

Tarot * Yes and No Scanning on specific issues

Stone and Bone Readings

"Find out what is for your 'highest' good!"

Energy Healing Using...

Vibrational Energy Attunement Therapy

Reiki *Shamanic Healing * Native American

"Receive cutting edge world-wide healing methods from a proficient & well known healer!"

Life Coach Using Own Methods

Author of Successful & Proven Methods

General Psychologist * Social Psychologist

Minister * Theology and Theosophy

World Religions Proficient

Dzogchen Yogi Master * Spiritual Coach/Teacher

"Receive the best cutting edge Life-Coaching

& Spiritual Training from a descendant of the  original Theosophical teachers!"

Mental Health & Disorders

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Psychotherapy * Gestalt Psychology

Bi-Polar Disorder *OCD * GAD - Generalized Anxiety

Social Anxiety * Panic Attacks * Debilitating Stress

"Receive the Most Effective Psychological

Methods with a long-standing track record!"

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